Saturday , 19 September 2020

Women’s Contribution in Today’s Society

With the dawn of the 21 century the world is facing and encountering new challenges and competitions in almost each and every phase of life.This world may be regarded as “The Jungle of Men,” by some conservation and narrow minded people but simultaneously one cannot deny that this century can be correctly identified as “The Century of Women.”

Women's Contribution in Today's Society
Women’s Contribution in Today’s Society

Gone are the times when women were subjugated to every type of illegal or discriminatory practices.

Women have triumphed in contributing to our society in a number of ways.They have now emerged as a power and are no longer considered a weaker sex.Whichever,field is scrutinized whether it is medicine,dentistry,business or any other occupation.We find them progressing shoulder to shoulder with men.From medical colleges to house hold work we find women reaching to the peak of their destination.

Women constitute major percentage of our population and despite this mounting percentage they have victoriously proved that they are no longer a burden on the country’s meager resource.They have proved that they are themselves resourceful enough to shoulder the country’s numerous burdens and due to this determination,women have stepped into the political field with a number of them securing important positions and seats.

Therefore, people who still consider women a burden with only to worry about their marriage are orthodox in their thinking.

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