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Why is Namaz Important

Why is Namaz Important – All About Namaznamaz-for-muslimNamaz is the way we ask ALLAH S.W.T for forgiveness. It helps us attain pardon. We are humans, there is a famous quotation that says ” TO ERR IS HUMAN”. Being humans we do lot of things, intentionally or unintentionally, that ALLAH dislikes, so Allah doesn’t want to torment us. So He ordains to be regular in namaz to wash our sins.

Namaz ki AhmiyatNamaz helps us being thankful to our Lord, who has blessed us with trillions and trillions of blessings that we didn’t even deserve. So why not thank Allah, the creator of this world, the creator of heavens, the creator of human beings, the creator of universe. Who deserves this thankful attitude more than ALLAH S.W.T. Namaz makes us bow down towards Allah, the Supreme power. People rushed towards Hazart Muhammad S.A.W and told him about their commitment of sins, Hazart Muhammad S.A.W. told them to maintain namaz and never leave it whatsoever. Because Allah rectifies the sins committed by human beings in order to purify their souls. Allah ordains five times prayer in its stipulated time. Muslims perform oblution before prayers. This keeps them fresh and clean from dirt. A scintific research tells us that Namaz and oblution keeps our mind fresh and ever green.

Why is Namaz ImportantNamaz also makes us punctual. Namaz helps us to stay away from torment given to disbelievers on the day of Judgement. Whoever Challanges Allah against his will, will be perished. Allah has to be worshiped, he is the ruler, he is to be ruled. Allah doesn’t need worshippers but we need our creator. So its our need to worship him, remember Him. Namaz gives a feeling of satisfaction. It helps relieves all the problems, so it works as a painkiller. Allah detests hypocrites, and abhors their attitude towards Namaz. Namaz differentiates between hypocrites and true Muslims. Because Allah observes an intention before any action. Allah loves our little action done in sincere faith but not our lenghty Namaz read for show off. Allah asks us to remember ME while doing your business. The first prayer said is Fajr, that taeches us to get up from bed before dawn and remember Allah before starting your day full of hustle and bustle.

Namaz in pakistan

closing your business activites pleases Allah S.W.T so much. Asar is also the middle prayer, which is short lived and we have to hurry in order to say it in stipulated time. Maghrib is said near closing day activities and finally esha is meant to say before sleeping. so namaz keeps ALLAH alive in our hearts throught day and night while doing any activity. Namaz said in congregation is of high importance. Its valuable and shows Muslim unity. Muslims get together five times a day in masjid via congregational prayer. Namaz said before an Imam gives a concept of submission of will to one person in Islam. It teaches discipline and unanimity among Muslims. Muslims when stand shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet abolishes discrimination among Muslims, and there remains no difference between race, colour and economic status.

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