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Whitening Cream Homemade Tips

Fairness Cream things you Need

Whitening Cream Homemade Tips
Whitening Cream Homemade Tips

Fresh Strawberries (6) Six

Yogurt 4 Tablespoon

Rose Water One Cup

Crushed Almond (4) Four Tablespoon

Sandalwood and Ubtan Powder (4) Four Teaspoon

Jasmine Oil ( Gul e Jasmeen) (4) Four Tablespoon

Multani Mitti Powder (Fuller’s earth) (4) Four Tablespoon
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 6 Green Peas Sized Drops.

Whitening Cream Homemade Tips Using Method:

Add Crushed Almonds, Yogurt, Rose Water, Sandalwood Powder, mix it with Jasmine Oil, Ubtan Powder, and Multani Mitti Powder in a Blender. Blend it well.

Now Add Strawberries and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate Approximately 6 Green Peas Sized Drops and Blend it well again.

Homemade Fairness Cream is Ready To Use, put it into a bowl or some thing and refrigerate.
For this ingredients you will make Skin Whitening cream for one month.

Using Method:

Take little Quantity of Cream and Apply it on your face and skin with the help of brush.

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