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What is Quran

All about information about Quraan-e-pak.

what is Quran in urdu

 What is Quran?

Quran Kareem is the word of GOD. Quran, the Holy book for muslims is the most blessed book found in the entire universe.
Quran is the most beautiful book not only for Muslims,
but non muslims also show respect to this revered book.
It is one of the books that
is learnt word by word.
Quran was revealed in the Holy month ramazan. It has done

There is no book but Quran that is most read.
In Ramazan, Muslims start reciting it in the days and in the nights.
Quran is a source of peace for everyone.
when the world rejects you,Quran accepts you.
when the world stops talking to you,
people turn to Quran and Allah starts talking to them.
Quran is valid for all the nations and for all the times,
from big bang to end of the world.
No one in this world can challenge against Quran.
Quran is not anordinary book but a message from
Allah S.W.T. It is a word of GOD.
So it doesn’t have a minute error in it. Quran has
contained in it “Things we should do, Things which we shouldn’t do, Orders ordained by Allah S.W.T. , examples given by from Allah, and beautiful stories full of moral”.
Quran has a huge knowledge in it, whoever wants can get fruit out of it.
It is open for all.
Allah has opened a gate for knowledge for all out there.
Quran is not just read and forget, but the Holy Book wants us to read it, comprehend, understand ,
and then exercise in our daily lives. Hazart Muhammad S.A.W used to sit and deliever lectures among his mates. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W was the most learnt person among all
the human beings who have come to this planet. Quran is a book of Science, its a book of Astronomy, its a book of Biology, its a book of Physics, its a book of Chemistry,
its a book of Mathematics,its a book of all the knowledge that has ever come to the world.

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