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Do active women need more supplements

Do active women need more supplements?

There ‘s no clear-cut answer.”Women who exercise strenuously do have slightly greater protein and Vitamin B requirements,” says Donald D.Hensrud, M.D,of the Mayo Clinic,in
Rochester,Minesota.”But their energy requirements are also greater,so they get those extra vitamins by eating more food.”


Strenuous activity can deplete iron, and long-distance runners may suffer from sports anemia, a condition in which red blood cells become deformed and the body loses iron.

See a doctor before supplementing above RDA levels, though because extra iron doesn,t make sense unless you have both a low red blood-cell count and low iron stores.”Training increases the blood volume,”says Hensrud,”so that iron is more diluted as low red blood cells count alone can suggest an anemia
that’s not there.”


Kenneth H. Cooper,M.D, the aerobics researcher who helped launch tha American running boom,suggests that strenuous exercise may act as a harmful pr oxidant. In this Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s Antioxidant Revolution, he recommends that women who work strenuously every day consume1, 200 I.U of vitamin E and 1,500 mg of vitamin C daily, to neutralize the free radicals that result from their oxygen consumption in training.

A Tufts University study found evidence that 800 I.U of vitamin E reduced the amount of exercise induced free radical damage in muscle cells.

Some supplementing does seem like a reasonable insurance policy. At least the Olympic Committee has recommended that athletes with inadequate diets take between 250 nd 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily (half in the morning and half in the evening)and 100 to 400 I.U of vitamin E.

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