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Removal of Face Hair Easily and Fast

Removal of Face Hair Easily and Fast
Removal of Face Hair Easily and Fast

Women have lot of problem but face hair is the big problem to remove it.. Upper lips, chins, sideburns…a lot of women deal with a bit of extra hair than they would like to get rid of them. It’s due to ethnicity, genetics, shifts in hormones etc.
Try this natural face wash and cream for unwanted facial hair treatment. Along with this treatment take twice a day 200 mg evening primrose capsule for 1 month.

Treatment of face hair

Things of cream :

Glycerin – 1 tbsp

Foreskin cream – 1/3 tube
Hydro cortisone 1% – 20 gm
Banyan tree gum – 1 tsp
Rose water – 1 tsp

Using Method:

Use this cream along with homemade wax.

Mix Foreskin cream, hydro cortisone cream, banyan gum, glycerin and rose water and apply on face, leave overnight. Then massage with face wash and rinse with warm water.

Face wash things to Make:

Crushed almond – 1 tbsp
Fuller earth – 1 tbsp
Medicated ubtan – 1 tbsp
Rose water – as required

Mix almond,  and ubtan with rose water; wash your face with this face wash.

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