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Prevention of Psychological Problems

If any girl is taught to take Acupressure treatment from the age of at least 8/10 years, not only she will have proper development of her body but also of mind. She will be able to cope with all the problems of life. She will not have psychological problems and will become capable of being an understanding wife and a good mother, besides being a dutiful citizen. In the same way, the boys should also be taught the method of Acupressure from an early age 8/10 years.

Prevention of Psychological Problems
Prevention of Psychological Problems

This will not only build their bodies but also make them of sound and noble character.Then the aim of education “A sound mind in a healthy body”will be achieved.

A sound mind in a healthy body"will be achieved
A sound mind in a healthy body”will be achieved

Moreover,these children can be saved from any type of delinquencies like smoking,drug addiction or even sex.Today, the problem of pedophilia, i.e sexual attraction to children (of either sex) by older men, which affects the development of sexuality in the children, is worsening and has become a mega issue seriously damaging the very foundation of our society.

sexual attraction to children
sexual attraction to children

On the other hand,in order to control HIV/AIDS, condoms are freely available to the youngsters.But this is not the solution of the problem.

This will only lead to premature sex indulgence.The right solution is to control the sexual desires which is possible only by Acupressure.In the same way,if we want to stop and prevent crimes,wars,atrocities,etc.

We will have to go back to Nature and accept its Health Science of Acupressure.If proper survey is made,it will be surprising to observe that most of the political and social leaders of the World suffer from malfunctioning of the endocrine glands and the liver;So they mislead their nation and disturb the world.Therefore,if the Pituitary, Pineal and Adrenal glands are properly controlled,and the liver is made to function properly,we shall be able to control our nature and our habits.

We will be more tolerant and face the battle of life bravely and calmly.

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