Baking Tins Totkay in Urdu

baking tins totkay in urdu

Somersault we use baking tin to bake things and the problem is the baking pots become black after use here we told you in this page how to make clean baking should use baking soda in water. then boil it and wash all of tins with this water we hope you will like this and learn a lot of Urdu tips on website.

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Sookhi Hui Cold Cream Thik Karna

sookhi hui cold cream thik karna

Sookhi hui cold cream theek karna:
In winters often we use cold creams and by cause of winters they become dry we will tell you how you can make your cold cream again fresh .you should use rose water in cold cream then you will see it will be fresh .we hope you will like this urdu totkay and you will must visit again urdu totkay 2016.

Microwave Ki Safai in Urdu

microwave ki safai in urdu

micro wave ki safai:
Here we will tell you how to clean microwave easily at home and without expenses because its our effort that always tell you easy tips that every one can apply.for cleaning of oven take an oven proof bowl with water and vinegar and haet up in oven then wash oven with this solution .thats removes oil and grease from micro wave.
avoid from flies:
we often work in kitchen and during cooking or work flies disturb us.we will present you better way to avoid flies use hair spray for flies before start working .