Gosht Ko Makhion Se Bachane Ka Tarika

Gosht ko makhion se bachane ka tarika

Gosht ko makhion se bachana:
we use meet but we often refrigerate meet and protect it.but in open air we cant safe meet from flies .we are presenting you simple tips to protect meet from flies in open air.you can use malmal cloth and soak it in vinegar wring this cloth and cover meet with this cloth. we hope you will like this and must download this.

Baking Tins Totkay in Urdu

baking tins totkay in urdu

Somersault we use baking tin to bake things and the problem is the baking pots become black after use here we told you in this page how to make clean baking tin.you should use baking soda in water. then boil it and wash all of tins with this water we hope you will like this and learn a lot of Urdu tips on website.

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Sookhi Hui Cold Cream Thik Karna

sookhi hui cold cream thik karna

Sookhi hui cold cream theek karna:
In winters often we use cold creams and by cause of winters they become dry we will tell you how you can make your cold cream again fresh .you should use rose water in cold cream then you will see it will be fresh .we hope you will like this urdu totkay and you will must visit again urdu totkay 2016.