How to Safe Strawberries in Urdu

How to save strawberries in urdu

Strawberries are the most delicious gift from god for us .this is full of vitamins. But the problem is that we cant safe strawberries in our refrigerator for one to second day so don,t think about it we are providing you better ways to safe strawberry.

in one kg strawberries add one to two table spoon of orange juice that why you can safe it.

Baraf Ke Cubes Ka Totka in Urdu 2016

Baraf ke cubes ka totka in urdu 2016

Baraf Ke Cubes Ka Totka in Urdu 2016 :
“The ice” we know that ice is better way of cooling effect.but in refrigerator ice become attached with together. Here is giving you every solution.we will learn you short easy and simple Urdu Totkay in our site and we hope you will must like this and visit again at our site.

if you want cubes separate in your drink glass then spread some ice cream powder on ice cubes that why they didn’t attach together and become separate.and when you want you can enjoy cubes.

Soop Ki Chiknai Ko Jazab Karna

Soop Ki Chiknai Ko Jazab Karna
Soop Ki Chiknai Ko Jazab Karna Urdu Zuban Main

when we make soap then few people didn’t like oil or fats at surface in soap. we are presenting you the very simple and short easy tips that you can do this at home in few minutes.take a paper towel and put it at soaps surface.then paper will absorb all of oil of soap.¬†after this remove paper.