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Mother Is Caring and Loving English Article

Once who bears the sweetest name,
And adds a luster to the same.
Who shares my joys,
And cheers when sad.
The greatest friend I ever had,
Long life to her.
There’s no other,
Can take the place of my mother.
Mother is a beautiful gift of God.Most of the beautiful things in life come by twos and threes,by dozens and hundreds.There may be plenty of roses,star,sunsets,rainbows,brothers and sisters,aunts and cousins,but only one mother in the whole world! This makes a mother the most special person in our lives.There is only one mother for anyone and as ‘Kate Douglas Wiggins there is no one in the world who can take the place of my Dear Mother.
A mother is the only person in the world who can divide her love among her ‘ten children’and still each child has all her love! Now we can imagine what a mother is,what a special role she plays in our lives,the special part she creates in childhood,a teenager,a man or woman and in old age.We don’t realize what our mother is when she is with among us.But only a person can understand the loneliness for her who has never seen his mother in his life.’My mother died in a car accident’or’ my mother died soon after my birth’ Are some statements by children who have no mothers.

Mother is caring and loving
Mother is caring and loving

As we know the old proverb ‘A best academy is a mother’s knee’. The first lesson we get in our life is from our mother in her lap and in her presence.The mother is the only person who never curses her children’s success in life from the day we were born till the day she dies.
In the end I just want to tell you all that who are reading this,please understand your mother,her feelings and emotions and never do anything which make her upset or breaks her heart.There was a place in childhood that I remember well.

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