Sunday , 29 November 2020

Biz Markie Just a Friend

If i were a poet, I’d write a poem for you
But in words would be enough to describe the real you.
If i were an artist I’d paint portraits for you.

Biz Markie Just a Friend
Biz Markie Just a Friend

But no colors would be able to depict the liveliness in you.
If I were a singer I’d sing a song for you.

But no melody or music could compete the spirit inside you.
If i were an explorer i would discover a new world for you
But nothing would compare to the many unexplored facts of you, If i were a lover I’d give my heart,my life to you.

But this life,this love could measure up to what you do.
But then,I am more of the above,I am just your friend
All 1 can do is stand by you and go on being your friend.

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