Saturday , 19 September 2020

How to Prepare Brain’s Wash Powder

This is not snuff-no tobacco-it is a powder of a fruit called KAYFAL-N.O.MYRICACAE.

First remove the outer thick/hardened shell.Take the inside pulp.Dry it in the sun.Make fine powder of 300 mesh.Take 80% of such powder.
+ 15% of fine powder of cardamom.

+  5% of fine powder of pure saffron

(if not available add 5% of fine powder of Black  pepper)

How to use it:

Close one nostril. Keep a pinch of this brain’s wash/powder under the other nostril and inhale forcibly. Do the same way with the other nostril.In case of a child,do it forcibly.Within a minute or two,there will be heavy sneezing 15 to 30 times and water and air will come out from the head eyes and nose may be watering.This water may be pinkish in color.

Do not worry.  Repeat the same way on the 5th day and the 10th day only. Do not continue.It can damage the delicate cells inside the brain.This powder is also useful in sinusitis but in that case use ONLY on the 1st day and the 5th day.

The paste of this powder is also useful for cough/congestion of children.

Apply lukewarm paste on the forehead and the chest overnight.

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