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How to Create Cooling Effect in the Body

How to Create Cooling Effect in the Body

How to Create Cooling Effect in the Body

Open the mouth, put out the tongue and inhale(draw in) air through the mouth. Close the mouth and retain the air as much as possible.Then exhale through the nose. Repeat 15/25 times.You will immediately feel cool. This method is called sheets in yoga and found to be useful in summer, sunstroke, fever or when ever cooling effect is necessary, e.g in Kaposi’s sarcoma.

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Regular practice of Ramayana and breathing exercises will ensure proper oxygenation of all the parts of the body and cure many diseases.Proper oxygenation helps in purifying the blood and removal of toxins and carbon dioxide from the body.

This,in turn,will reduce the necessary burden on kidney,reducing the possibility of skin diseases and failure of kidney.Moreover,pure blood enables proper functioning of all the organs and thereby increases vigor and vitality.


These breathing exercises are beneficial to all and should be practiced daily.

However,these exercises are a must for the treatment of cold,c ough and asthma, TB and mental disorders like polio,meningitis,nervous breakdown, muscular trophy, etc.

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