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Health Powder Drink Health Care Tips

Picture2In 300 g of Amla powder(anayurvedic preparation-made out of a fruit called Amla)add 100 grams of dried ginger powder.Mix them.Take one teaspoon of this powder with water twice daily or add it to green juice.

Otherwise,to four glasses of water add two teaspoons each of Amla and ginger powder(use fresh Amla and ginger if available)and boil it and reduce it to three glasses.Filter the water and drink it during the day.If desired,honey can be added to it.

Health Powder Drink Health Care Tips
Health Powder Drink Health Care Tips

amla and ginger

Amla is a concentrated from of Vitamin’C’.It has 16 times more vitamin than lemon.Such a drink will give protection to the body against cold and other diseases and increase digestive powers.
People in the West take apple cider which is also beneficial.The health drink is beneficial to all,especially to the convalescent people,old people,expectant mothers and growing children.

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