Sunday , 29 November 2020

Golden Words Wallpaper Gallery

The Great saying of our beloved Prophet Mohammad S.A.W, three characteristics are the sign of a hypocrite even if he fasts,performs the prayers and claims that he is a Muslims;

when he speaks he lies when he makes a promise, he breaks it, when he is trusted betrays his trust. The youngsters should have guidance from the elders, who are wise and enlightened. There are hundreds of hundreds golden words sayings, and we may read a few of them. Do not postpone of any work.
The work that needs to be urgently done should be done as quickly as possible. We should see what good others have done for us and not what harm others have done for us.

Try to see every one as your friend. If you love others, others love you too.
Honesty and truthfulness are more valuable than power or money.

Read and think
I cried when i had no shoes, Suddenly i stopped crying when i saw a man without feet. Life is short. it is like an ice cream, Before it begins to melt taste and eat it. This means that you should not waste even a single minute.
Laziness waste you.
The great sayings of the great saints, philosophers, statesman, writers and politicians are Independence saying form they are as precious as good as or more precious than gold,
A bird in hand is worth to in the bush, This means that we have now us more valuable than what we are going to get. We are not sure whether we will get something we ling for,
Laughter is the best medicine. Do not worry. what is going to happen will happen will happen. But try to get what you want. The best gift you will give others is your love.
These lines written by Sara Khan

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