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Diet When You Eat Every Two Hours

Tasty Foods that help you lose weight.

Diet When You Eat Every Two Hours
Diet When You Eat Every Two Hours

when you are dieting, the foods you eat should meet your nutritional needs, maintain your energy,
and please your palate.Nutritionists recommend a diet containing at least 55% carbohydrates,
vegetables ,fruits,grains,starches with no more than 15% protein and 30% fat. If you keep this balance, even a weight loss diet should not feel like deprivation.
The question remain however what to eat?Surely more than rice cakes and celery sticks.

Indeed, omitting foods you adore can lead to a Skimp-binge cycle, concentrating on the foods you can’t eat
sets you by for failure.Instead think of your diet in term of food you like, in moderate portions of  course.

Here are some surprising choices that taste good and may also help you lose weight.
Bananas : Like other potassium rich foods,bananas may help lower blood pressure, and does well to satisfy
your sweet tooth. An even yummier treat,blend a frozen banana,one tbs. of frozen cherries,one-half
cup of apply juice (120 calories).
Baked grilled or micro-waved one 3 ounce skinless breast half has (140 calories)with 4 grams of fat.
Coconut Candy : Cravings for sweets and fat often go hand in hand.A 15gm coconut candy satisfies both, lasts about two minutes in your mouth and taste buttery, but has only 60 calories and 2 1/2 gms of fat.
Dried Cuttle Fish : Just as much fun as chewing gum, but better for you as it has just 120 calories per 1 1/2 ounce pasket and lots of protein and even some iron.
Fish Crackers : Want lots of crunch and flavour, one ounce of raw fish crackers (5 pieces) has 80 calories and hardly any fat.

Always check the label to ensure you’re getting the low fat variety.
Noodles : You get carbohydrate galore, little or no fat and a small dose of protein. One cup of rice noodles (boiled or steamed)has about 150 calories and no fat. Serve with favourite stir fried vegetables.
Prawns : They have more cholesterol then most shell fish,but are low in saturated fat and contain a small amount of heart-healthy omega of 3 fatty acids.They are only 80 calories and less than a gram of fat in 3 ounces,boiled or grilled.
Soyabean Milk:
(Linked with reduced prostrate and breast cancer)and high in protein,a creamy tasting 8 ounce glass of this fresh un-sweetened variety has only 150 calories and 3 grams of unsaturated fats.
2 large slices (six ounce),offer flavour fibre and 100% of the recommended daily intake of vit C, with
only 70% calories and no fat.Eat fresh any time, or add it’s sweetness to soups, sauce and curries.
Egg Soups : Can be made in minutes,with home made chicken stock.It’s a great meal-starter to fill up your appetite.For a low fat,low cholesterol version,stir in egg whites, instead of whole eggs.

A one cup serving has just 90% calories and only one gram of fat.
Jelly : Drop a couple of spoonfuls of jelly cut into small cubes in to a tall glass of cold water, add a little sugar syrup and top with ice. This cool treat is only 70 calories.

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