Saturday , 19 September 2020

Urdu Tips اردو ٹوٹکے

اردو ٹوٹکے ہر گھر کی ضرورت
In This Category Top ten totkay in Urdu language.
Pakistani and Indian best Totkay اردو ٹوٹکے for Housewife and woman.

Barbee Que grill ka istamal

Barbee Que grill ka istamalclean the grill before using it. because dirty grill cause bad taste always use small pieces of coal if you have oil so don,t fire instantly otherwise leave coal to absorb oil and it cause bad smell in barbie q we hope that its good re midi we will effort for you to present you much better Urdu totkay than this.

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Qaleen Ki Safai Ke Totkay

Qaleen ki safai ke totkay urdu

For cleaning of carpet you can use hot water with any washing detergent powder and clean it with harsh sticks type of duster.

Before vacuum Cleaner the carpet use baking soda this cause cleanness in carpet.

Qaleen ki safai ke totkayif carpet’s color become faint or dull you can also use vinegar and rub it four to five times by doing this carpet become clean. we hope you like this and must visit again at hinaji.

ghusal khane ki fitting ko chankana

Garlic totka in urdu for health care and beauty

Garlic totka in urdu for health care and beauty

The garlic:
Garlic is the basic unit of our taste. its removes freckles you can also use this at infected area and massage and rinse it after five to ten minutes. we hope you will try this its amazing and must visit again our website