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About Hazrat Muhammad

About Hazrat Muhammad Saw (P.B.U.H) Article in English

Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W was born to Hazrat Abdullah and Hazrat Amina, His father died before his birth so he was born orphan. Then he passed his childhood in Banu Sa’ad and Haleema saadia fed him. Because of his ultimate blessings on the family of Haleema, she requested Hazrat Amina for letting him live with them for some more time. At the age of 6, his mother Hazrat Amina also died, and he was taken into care by his grand father Hazrat Abdul Mutlib.

About Hazrat Muhammad
About Hazrat Muhammad

He also died when the Prophet S.A.W. was
He then lived with his uncle Abu Taalib till his marriage.
Hazrat Abu Taalib was not financially
well off so the Prophet S.A.W.
also started to help him as he grew up.
He even worked as a shephard for the wealthy people of Quraish tribe.
These were the times when Prophet (S.A.W)got much time to
think deeply about the universe and its creator.
He also learnt how to deal with the human cattle.
He also learnt business tactics and public dealing issues.
Hazrat Khadija, one of the richest woman in Quraish entrusted him and appointed him as a manager to her all business goods, which he had to
carry to Syria. She also sent her learned slave Mysera wit the Prophet S.A.W. Prophet S.A.W then
returned with huge profit that Hazrat Khadija admired him so much that she proposed him for marriage
through her friend Nafeesa.
Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W also liked the proposal and married her.
Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W was a personality renowned in whole universe ever since he walked on earth.
He was praised not only among muslims but also non muslims.
His attributes are worth mentioning.
His hospitality was remarkable. He was generous with poor people.
he was always on giving end.

muhammad wallpaper hd
muhammad wallpaper hd

He led a simple life. His dressing was simple. He had 11 wives, Hazrat Khadija was first of all. he loved her immensely. He had most of his children from Hazrat Khadija(R.A). He married Hazrat Khadija when she was forty years of age. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. was himself forty. He didn’t marry anyone in her life. His other marriages were political and requirements of the tribal norms. We Muslims believe Him to be the last and the final Prophet with the last testiment Quran and we believe Him to be not only the Prophet for Muslims but also for all humanity. He bared such a social charatcter that people called him AS SADIQ AL AMEEN, the most truth ful and the most Honest in the society. At the age of 35, He judged quite a big dispute among the dieties of Quraish which could even have broken a war on the land of Makkah. At the age of forty, he started getting revelation from Allah S.W.T. in the form of Quran through Jibrail. The christian scholar and cousin of Hazrat Khadija Warqa bin Nofal also testified the truth of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Hazrat Khadija was the woman who supported him in his hard time and never let him down. She reminded him that he always helped the poor and the needy and he bore the luggage of the needy people. Allah would never let him down. The Prophet S.A.W. started the preaching of Islam with his own family and close friends. This period stayed for three years. Then he was commanded to preach in his own tribe and after that the open preaching to all of the people. The people denied to accept his DAWAH-invitation for islam, and instead developed hatred and much hurdles in his life. The people who believed in his invitation were amongst the poor and the slaves. They were much tortured by their Masters. Also the youngsters of some big families embraced Islam and faced hardships. After 6 years, many of His companions migrated to Abysinia and Prophet’s tribe was forced to take up their claim from him, they denied and socially bycotted by all of the Quraish for three years and they all lived in isolation. The people had bycotted all the trade and social norms with Banu Hashim. He lived 13 years of hard Prophetic life in Mekkah and remaining ten years he lived in Medina. He never wanted to leave Makkah, the land of the Holy Masjid Al Haram, but he was forced to do so. Then Prophet S.A.W migrated to medina after 13 years of his prohethood. He established an islmaic stated and did many treaties and pacts with pegan tribes and also faught many wars even with Quraish. At the eighth year of Hijrat, Makkah was under Islamic rule.