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Cooking in Urdu

Urdu recipes by hinaji.com ar very hip everywhere Islamic Republic of Pakistan. hinaji presents huge list of change of state recipes in Urdu/Roman Urdu. realize all types of urdu dishes recipes and set up your delicious everyday food menu. From chicken recipes to any or all sweet dishes, we’ve a good assortment for you. hinaji.com additionally brings recipes and tips from renowned food consultants. therefore keep connected with U.S. and find countless tasty recipes, dishes, concepts and tips from your loved one chefs.

Juicy Fruit Chat Making Tips in Urdu

juicy fruit chat in urdu 2016

Juicy Fruit Chat Making Tips in Urdu
Juicy Fruit Chat Making Tips in Urdu

Banana six
grapes as required
Melon half kg
papaya half kg
orange juice one glass
lemon two required
black pepper tea spoon
sugar two table spoon
guavas two required.
Take a bowl and add fresh juice of orange and lemon .now cut all of fruits in small pieces then add in the bowl after adding fruits add black pepper and sugar and mix all of things together now it is ready to serve in plater keep fruit chat at any cool place you can enjoy now .i hope you will like this sweet recipe.

Irani Aloo Mix Kabab

Irani Aloo Mix Kabab
Irani Aloo Mix KababIrani aloo mix kabab recipe in urdu 2016 Irani aloo mix kabab

Ingredients of Irani Aloo Mix Kabab :

  • half kg potatoes
  • boiled meet of chicken or mutton
  • two onions
  • two eggs
  • besan two table spoon
  • gram masala one spoon
  • pepprica one spoon
  • ginger paste one spoon
  • salt as required
  • pomegranate grains one spoon
  • coriander one spoon
  • oil one cup
  • yogurt half cup
  • dry chrushed mind powder

Procedure to make Irani Aloo Mix Kabab :
Blend the meet and add blended potatoes in it and mix them.
now add the whole herbs like,chili,

ginger paste ,mind pwder,besan,and mix the all things and make balls or may spherical shape of kabab as you like.
then take an egg before frying kabab now pick one time one kabab and dip in egg
now then you can fry it after frying its ready to serve in your plate.

Hedarabadi Lakhmi in Urdu

Hedarabadi LakhmiIngredients to make Hedarabadi Lakhmi in Urdu :

  • keema two cups
  • flour half kg
  • yogurt one cup
  • cooking oil one to two table spoon
  • ginger garlic paste
  • red chilli powder one tea spoon
  • turmeric as required
  • black pepper
  • salt as required

procedure to make Hedarabadi Lakhmi in Urdu :
in half kg chopped beef add garlic and ginger paste ,red chilli powder,salt,turmeric,and cook it for limited time when it become dry add black pepper in it and remove from stove.take flour and clean it from husk add salt and oil in it and make bread like douh and add yogurt .if you need so you can add cool water .after making of douh keep it in wet cloth for twenty minutes.now then make balls of this douh and flat it like bread and add keema and make fold .keep this at fridge after twenty minutes heat up oil in pan anf fry all of them in it.i will become brown now this ready to serve in plater.