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Cooking in Urdu

Urdu recipes by hinaji.com ar very hip everywhere Islamic Republic of Pakistan. hinaji presents huge list of change of state recipes in Urdu/Roman Urdu. realize all types of urdu dishes recipes and set up your delicious everyday food menu. From chicken recipes to any or all sweet dishes, we’ve a good assortment for you. hinaji.com additionally brings recipes and tips from renowned food consultants. therefore keep connected with U.S. and find countless tasty recipes, dishes, concepts and tips from your loved one chefs.

Korma Karachi Ki Shadioon Wala

Korma Karachi Ki Shadioon Wala
Korma Karachi Ki Shadioon Wala

half kg beef or mutton.
five normal size onions.
ginger one inch peice.
garlic paste one table spoon.
white cumin half tea spoon.
blackpepper one tea spoon.
green ilaichi seven required.
black ilaichi two required.
one to two tez paat.
clove five required.
three to two peices of cinemon .
jaaiful and javatri
salt as required.
coriander powder two tea spoon.
yogurt half kg.
oil required for frying.
few drops of ecessence or kevra.
first take a pot with oil and add beef or mutton in it fry this for few minutes whethere it become cook now add pepprica , salt,black pepper,garlic paste,white cumin ,clove coriander,jaaifal and javatri.yogurt and cook it for required time.
then take onions and fry them when become brown and crispy put out from oil.now cut ginger for garnishing and put on the korma this is ready now to serve enjoy this tasty recipe.

Keemey Ke Cutlets Recipe in Urdu

keemey ke cutlets recipeKeemey Ke Cutlets Recipe in Urdu :

  • keemey ke cutlets:
  • ingredients:
  • chopped beef half kg
  • two big tomato
  • cumin half tea spoon
  • onion one
  • black pepper as required
  • red chilli as required
  • toast of bread large size required
  • drt toast or bread crumbs
  • ghee
  • salt
  • parsley
  • one egg
  • green chilli

Procedure to make Keemey Ke Cutlets Recipe in Urdu :
Take ghee in a pan add chopped beef ,onion tomato cumin,red chili,black pepper,in it.and fry this all material.

now take water in bowl and add toast in it and when i will become wet wring this and add into the chopped beef and add an egg in mixture and make balls or you can also make spherical shape of cutlets.

now take bread cums and apply on cutlets and fry it in deep oil when it become brown now it is ready to serve in plate .enjoy this tasty recipe with whole family.

Kabli Channa Pulao Recipe in Urdu

Kabli Channa Pulao Recipe in Urdu
Kabli Channa Pulao Recipe in Urdu
  • kabli grain half kg
  • rice one kg
  • black cumin one tea spoon
  • black papper eight
  • kishmish one cup
  • vinegar two table spoon
  • one inch of ginger peice
  • cinemon one inch peice
  • two bid onions
  • salt as required
  • soda one tea spoon
  • half cup of oil

Procedure to make Kabli Channa Pulao :

Clean grain with water and take a pot full of water and add grains in water for few hours now add soda and salt in that water and put on the stove below the pot and cook grain .now again taje water for rice add rice in water for few hours before cooking now clean kishmish and put them in clean water now fry the cinamon on any pan with light heat below stove.now cut onion garlic and ginger then fry the onion with oil when the colour will become brown then add ginger garlic and black cumin and fry this material after frying this add that grains and kishmish in it and again cook this after cooking this gravy add rice in it and add some water with vinegarand leave this for cooking at low heat temprature below the stove after cooking garsnish the top of pulao with freid onions.now the delicious pulao is ready to serve enjoy this in feast.the good recipe for good temptations.