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A women Article about Beauty tips for make up and skin in urdu sunlight is extremely dangerous for soft and oily skin.
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Removal of Face Hair Easily and Fast

Removal of Face Hair Easily and Fast
Removal of Face Hair Easily and Fast

Women have lot of problem but face hair is the big problem to remove it.. Upper lips, chins, sideburns…a lot of women deal with a bit of extra hair than they would like to get rid of them. It’s due to ethnicity, genetics, shifts in hormones etc.
Try this natural face wash and cream for unwanted facial hair treatment. Along with this treatment take twice a day 200 mg evening primrose capsule for 1 month.

Treatment of face hair

Things of cream :

Glycerin – 1 tbsp

Foreskin cream – 1/3 tube
Hydro cortisone 1% – 20 gm
Banyan tree gum – 1 tsp
Rose water – 1 tsp

Using Method:

Use this cream along with homemade wax.

Mix Foreskin cream, hydro cortisone cream, banyan gum, glycerin and rose water and apply on face, leave overnight. Then massage with face wash and rinse with warm water.

Face wash things to Make:

Crushed almond – 1 tbsp
Fuller earth – 1 tbsp
Medicated ubtan – 1 tbsp
Rose water – as required

Mix almond,  and ubtan with rose water; wash your face with this face wash.

Skin Acne and Pimples Beauty Tips


bowl picimages

Take two bowl of water.One of them should have tolerate temperature hotwater in it and other one should contain ice cold water Take a small piece of  towel.

First dip it into the hot water bowl clean your face throughly with it.Start from the forehead and go down till youchin.Repeat it 4 to 5 times.

This will open all your skin pores and remove the oils and impurities from them.Next dip the same cloth into the cold water bowl and do it also 4 to 5 times.This will tightly close all the pores and also will improve the complexion.After this,apply any baby powder on your face to keep your skin dry and to prevent oils.

This procedure to remove acne and pimple can be done two to three times in a day.                                                 

Remedy#2lemon and rose

Take a lemon and rose water. Extract juice of one lemon and mix with equal quantity of rose water. Apply this mixture on the face and let it stay for about half an hour.Wash the face with fresh water.In about 15 days time. This application should provide the cure.


Take a lemon and peel it. Now massage your face with the skin of the lemon and then wash it with luke warm water.


Take any talcum powder and cold cream mix the two in your palm and apply the concoction on your face. It can be done twice a day.

Hair Care Beauty Tips in Urdu

hair beautytips in urdu
Hair Care Beauty Tips in Urdu

Every women dreams they have long and strong hair. Long hair is beauty of the women there are so many tips for our hair beauty.

If you are seriously wants strong hair.

The tips are given below read and do these you are really happy after apply these tips.

Latest pakistani hair tips for girls and woman, pakistani and indian hair tips 2016.
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