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Spiritual Support Someone Who Prays with You

Having a prayer partner (someone who prays with you

regularly about any issue you are comfortable to share with them) is also a great support and helps to build emotional well being.

Spiritual Support Someone Who Prays with You
Spiritual Support Someone Who Prays with You

Asking your prayer group or church to present your exam needs before God in prayer is another powerful tool to enable you to be successful this way you are requesting divine help to bring back your power of recall for the areas of study that you have diligently covered.

Sex Youth and Sex Education

Does an unhealty mind lead to premature sex or does premature sex affect mental well ness?

Sex Youth and Sex Education
Sex Youth and Sex Education

A new report suggests that young girls‘ mental health is at risk because of pressure to wear adult clothes and engage in early sexual activity. The Mental  Health Foundation and Girl guiding UK collected responses from girls aged between 10 and 15 on issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing. They concluded that ‘premature sexualisation and pressure to grow up too quickly’ is affecting young girls’ mental health.

Sexual advances from boys, pressure to wear clothes that make them look too old and magazines and websites directly targeting younger girls to lose weight or consider plastic surgery were identified as taking a particular toll.

An additional key factor in the equation was family breakdown.The report stated: ‘Girls described the pressures of feeling caught up in rows and experiencing conflicting loyalties as parents compete for attention and affection.’ This caused them to seek attention and affection elsewhere, and young boys (in some cases older men) were willing to oblige.

Other reports point to issues like low self esteem, experimentation, peer pressure, sexual abuse and pushing young people to have sex before they are emotionally ready.

Dr Andrew McCullough, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, states; ‘Somewhere, somehow, our society has taken a wrong turn in our approach to children and young people.Young women face particular pressures.

This report provides evidence of the impact of real and perceived pressures around sexual behavior, physical appearance and material values.We are forcing our young people to grow up too quickly and not giving them the space and experience they require to be safe and confident.We are creating a generation under stress.’

However,while society may think it has progressed,the repercussions have been huge.Our ‘progressive’ society now has to tackle the following:

*Young people are becoming sexually active at a younger age, affecting their emotional, physical and social development.

*Sexually transmitted diseases are escalating among all ages but particularly in the young.

*Unplanned and unwanted pregnancies increasingly causing psychological, financial and social problems.

*Increasing lone parent household as more children are being born outside marriage.

*Divorce rates have risen.

*Greater risk of diseases such as AIDS.

I Am Talking About the Girls

the way of education of girls

The most determinant creature ever here, I am talking about the girls, about their efforts, their determination, their way of getting education and stand together with the boys.

This world is very fast, everything is changes in just a second.

so awareness has attract the women’s and feel them to think about themselves.

Now, the girls are mostly doing a job in that places where the boys are, this thing indicate the progress of the country.

But when there is a lot of determination and hardworking is occur than it is little difficult for girls to survive, because in some areas where study is not common, they think its a bad thing so the girls faced the little difficulty in survive.

but besides this, girls are working, they are working for achieving their goal, and it is their right.