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People Do Today No Day No Sunshine

People Do Today No Day No Sunshine
People Do Today No Day No Sunshine

When I think of what people do today !
Never caring for feeling of others !
Only know how to take away !
But never to give openly to one another !
Only tears are left to slay !
Laughter no more___ some what extinct
Where are those comforting arms, I say?
No sunshine, no smiles,no day.

Information About Slow and Fast Music Article

Information About Slow and Fast Music Article
Information About Slow and Fast Music Article

Music plays a vital role in our lives,because it has the ability to calm a person.There are many types of music such as jazz,rock,classical etc. Music has always been something that catches hold of your ears.It is a way for a person ,to just let go,or in other words “flow in the path of music,”It is used
relaxing that it takes control of your mind.
There is a music to suit every mood of a person whether happy or sad.Music also has an adverse effect on children.The singer becomes the role model for the children and they want to become like them. Music is fine till we keep to our limits and don’t let it get control of us,because when it does its
hard to let it go. So don’t make music an addiction.

Social Environment for children

A child’s emotional well being can be enhanced by walking. Great result are emerging from various projects aimed at getting children walking more.One such success is ‘The walking bus’- large groups of children walk to and from school in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly approach to alleviating school run traffic congestion.

Social Environment for childrens
Social Environment for childrens

According to a study on ‘Walking buses’ there was very strong evidence that walking to school improves children’s social development.This related to social contacts, independence and road sense. The walkers reported a happy, jolly social experience.

Environment of Children:

Assessing the environmental cost is another factor.

According to data analysis from the compaign, the average drive to school and back releases 800g of CO2 into the air which is enough to inflate over 60 ballons! They state: ‘Walking to school once a week can save 20% of CO2 gas produced by driving every day.

If every child did it, we would save as much as 400,000 tonnes of CO2 a year’

Economical of children,s:

Just think of the cash you could be saving on petrol and transport fares by encouraging your child to walk to school!