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A Disease Called Stress

A Disease Called Stress
A Disease Called Stress

This time is so bad, I think I am going mad.
Feeling so blue, 1 don’t know what to do.
I’m desperate for a change.
This world is so strange
1 feel like running away From everyone,I need to stay away.
Maybe, I’ll become a hermit.
But I wonder, will I need a permit?
I need to find the reason, Behind the stressful season.

Unique Opportunity From Almighty Allah

Education-an opportunity given by God to gifted people of this world.It is a blessing and divine gift which every child should try to avail.In this small world of our’s we can see many children who are not getting any chance to educate themselves.

Unique Opportunity From Almighty Allah
Unique Opportunity From Almighty Allah

So those children who are fortunate should take full
advantage of it without wasting time.Education begins at home.

Parents are the first teachers who can lay the best foundation of education to their children.It is the duty of every child to give full respect to their parents.

Teachers at school and collages also deserve our utmost respect because they are the real builders of society.
Education should not be restricted to time.

Every moment of our life can be a source of education.

Books are not the only source but mother nature gives a lot of information and continuous education.

Furthermore, media can be used for latest up date any our knowledge.Travelling and sight seeing can be very informative and helpful in education.

In short education can be obtained from a variety of sources.While achieving education,one should not forget those people who are unfortunate educate.It should be an endeavor of every student to make a serious effort and undertake the responsibility of educating such unfortunate people and share with them what they have received from their schools.

All About World New Fashion Today 2016

Fashion is not just wearing short clothes and making ourselves appealing to others.

All About World New Fashion Today 2016
All About World New Fashion Today 2016

The way of  talking is a fashion,so our conversation should be attractive.The way of behaving is a fashion.The
way of replying is a fashion,our way of doing work is a fashion so the simple we are the beautiful we
are.The things which make others happy is a fashion.So we should be fashionable.