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Women’s Contribution in Today’s Society

With the dawn of the 21 century the world is facing and encountering new challenges and competitions in almost each and every phase of life.This world may be regarded as “The Jungle of Men,” by some conservation and narrow minded people but simultaneously one cannot deny that this century can be correctly identified as “The Century of Women.”

Women's Contribution in Today's Society
Women’s Contribution in Today’s Society

Gone are the times when women were subjugated to every type of illegal or discriminatory practices.

Women have triumphed in contributing to our society in a number of ways.They have now emerged as a power and are no longer considered a weaker sex.Whichever,field is scrutinized whether it is medicine,dentistry,business or any other occupation.We find them progressing shoulder to shoulder with men.From medical colleges to house hold work we find women reaching to the peak of their destination.

Women constitute major percentage of our population and despite this mounting percentage they have victoriously proved that they are no longer a burden on the country’s meager resource.They have proved that they are themselves resourceful enough to shoulder the country’s numerous burdens and due to this determination,women have stepped into the political field with a number of them securing important positions and seats.

Therefore, people who still consider women a burden with only to worry about their marriage are orthodox in their thinking.

Friendship Demands You

Friendship is the joy of life,being one of the most valuable relationship. But it does not require a person to be another’s kin as a pre-requisite to become his friend.

Friendship Demands You
Friendship Demands You

The only thing required is trust and regard for the other person.
A friend can have a number of vices or virtues as regards to his character. But when it comes to searing his character for his amiability to his friends, his personal vices or virtues are generally ignored.

This special treatment is very important to exist in friendship without this compromise it would be difficult to be friends with others.

The most important quality, which is also the basic necessity for many others lies beyond friendship,is trust. when a person trusts his friend, he puts a certain faith in his friend.This faith comes from the knowledge of the friend’s character,and it cannot be acquired until a friend is understood completely.Then comes the concept of amusing others.Generally,it is seen that friends,among st themselves,are very candid.This candid relationship encourages them to amuse their friends,to their advantage or disadvantage, mostly,it is to their advantage, and thus, the more a person enjoys with his friend, the more he values them.

Frankness is perhaps the most valuable,one can find in a friend. Frankness allows friends to become confident.A person may be in a state of defection or depression, and might need to share with another person his feeling and emotions.It is conventional to assume that a person’s grief becomes less when grief is something too person.He will look for a person whom he can trust,to whom he could frankly confide his feelings and emotions.Mostly,these requirements are fulfilled by close relations or by friends.

Another quality in a friend could be that he should not be reserved.The much self-reservation of a friend creates distances that are very difficult to bridge.But when a friend is easy to approach,one can share one’s problems with him without being discouraged by him in any way.

There is a well known saying, that a friend in need is a friend indeed.A person who help his friend in distress will certainly be strengthening his bond of friendship with him.In friendship profits and losses are not considered main concern is the regard for other friends which brings the relationship of friendship so close to original blood-ties.

A friend can help another by giving advice or fulfilling his need. This, to my judgment, is the test of friendship. The sacrifice of friend for another betrays human judgment when it is known that friendship is not necessary by a blood-tie.The question being why the sacrifices are made by a friend, and it is answered by the fact that the friends have ‘regard’ for each other.
Friendship never ends but it is deliberately ended by those who form it.This happens when misunderstandings arise between friends. (Friendships that last for the whole life time are friendship that do not fault or, that stands the tests and trials of time.)

So it is mainly dependents on friends to be ignoring petty differences that may arise sometimes. The friend, who ends the argument without taking it to an undesirable conclusion, has certainly saved the. friendship. This is the quality of a true and sincere friend.Who is but a human himself .

Biz Markie Just a Friend

If i were a poet, I’d write a poem for you
But in words would be enough to describe the real you.
If i were an artist I’d paint portraits for you.

Biz Markie Just a Friend
Biz Markie Just a Friend

But no colors would be able to depict the liveliness in you.
If I were a singer I’d sing a song for you.

But no melody or music could compete the spirit inside you.
If i were an explorer i would discover a new world for you
But nothing would compare to the many unexplored facts of you, If i were a lover I’d give my heart,my life to you.

But this life,this love could measure up to what you do.
But then,I am more of the above,I am just your friend
All 1 can do is stand by you and go on being your friend.